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Due to the close proximity to the A55 expressway, Beaumaris is an ideal venue for a wreck fishing trip, being only 1.5 hrs drive away from large cities such as Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham.

The wreck fishing off Anglesey between May and November produces a good selection of quality fish; Cod, Pollack, Ling, Conger Eel, and Coalfish being the usual target species, but other quality fish are regularly caught from around the wreck and not just over it, such as large Tope to 60lb, Spurdog, Tub Gurnard to 7lb, and large Bullhuss not being uncommon.

There is a vast selection of wrecks of all shapes and sizes and at a wide variety of depths, due to Anglesey's close proximity to the major shipping lanes to and from Liverpool which was a regular hunting ground for U- Boats during the war.

 Starida specifically cater for wreck fishing and with the high speed catamaran (Sarah Jane Too) offer trips all around the coast of Anglesey, further out towards the Isle of Man and Liverpool Bay. Indeed it is anticipated that on a calm day, you could be fishing over a wreck, 10 - 15 miles off the Isle of Man.

Our fully qualified and experienced Skippers always provide a friendly and professional service for both skilled and novice angler alike, and are only too willing to provide tuition, assistance or advice upon request.

Weather is always an important factor when operating at these distances, so a fast sea worthy, safe and comfortable boat is essential to work within the weather windows when available. If weather conditions do not allow offshore wrecking, then inshore wrecking and/or general fishing is usually the norm with the cost of the day's charter altered accordingly.

Suggested Tackle to use:
French or hollow plastic tube booms with 10oz - 1lb lead weights fishing a jellyworm or Redgill on a 6-10 foot trace for Pollack and Coalies. Red, Black, or Black with red or green tail Gills usually fish best. Hokkai`s for the Cod and Codling, sometimes tipped with Squid or Rag-worm. 100lb + min. wire traces for Conger etc.


Best tides are between 24` and 28` and fishing either side of Low water usually (but not always) provides optimum results.

BAIT: Frozen Mackerel bait is always supplied free, but other bait such as live Sand-eel and worm can be supplied at cost on request with prior notice.

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